When Is Surgery the Best Option to End Your Foot Pain?
By Diamond Podiatry
May 16, 2016
Category: Podiatry
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Foot pain plagues many people around the globe for various reasons. Whether due to injury, medical conditions or overuse, foot pain which prevents you from walking or even standing is a frustrating and bothersome condition. Luckily, your doctor has many treatment options for foot pain available. But when is surgery the best option? Find out more with help from your Quakertown, PA podiatrist at Foot PainDiamond Podiatry.

What causes foot pain? 
Diagnosing foot pain can be tricky due to the many situations which cause it. Many cases of foot pain occur due to injury, both from a new injury or residual pain from an old one, especially in patients who are very active, such as athletes. However, other underlying conditions may cause foot pain as well. Some common causes include:

  • plantar fasciitis
  • bunions
  • flat feet
  • tendonitis
  • too-high arches
  • arthritis
  • bursitis

A physical examination coupled with imaging techniques like x-rays or MRIs allows your doctor to see abnormalities in your foot’s structure, bones and the surrounding muscles and connective tissues. Keep a log of when your pain started, what makes it better or worse and its severity to help your doctor understand patterns related to your pain.

How is foot pain treated? 
Depending on your situation, lifestyle and diagnosis, treatment for foot pain varies. In some cases, simply resting the foot enough to let the body heal itself is enough to eliminate your pain. Over-the-counter or prescription medications help reduce pain and swelling. Orthotics fit inside the shoe and help align the foot and ankle to regulate the body’s weight on the foot. Sometimes, these options are just not enough to beat your foot pain for good. In these cases, foot surgery is the best option.

When is surgery for foot pain necessary? 
Foot surgery usually takes place when other, more conservative methods fail. Surgery to remove bunions, which cause the toe to grow inward and deform the foot, is common. Your Quakertown doctor may recommend surgery to treat conditions like plantar fasciitis and plantar corns which do not respond to more conservative treatments. Your doctor can work with you to understand under which circumstances surgery is your best option and determine whether or not it is necessary for your situation.

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