The Affects of Wearing Shoes Without Arch Supports
By Diamond Podiatry
August 25, 2016
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When it comes to personal style, footwear is one of the areas in which men and women can express their unique tastes and individuality. flat feetWith so many choices in everything from sneakers to flip flops, shoe lovers have no shortage of options when it comes to dressing up their feet for both style, comfort and practicality. But shoes do much more than complement an outfit. They (should) provide adequate support and shock protection to the feet and ankles. Because everyone's feet are different, some people need more support than others to prevent foot pain and injuries. Learn more from your podiatrists at Diamond Podiatry in Bethlehem, PA.

Treatment for Flat Feet in Bethlehem, PA

Low arches, also known as flat feet, is a very common condition. Although it is not a serious condition and doesn't necessarily require treatment, lower arches alter the alignment of the feet and ankles, which can lead to added stress and pressure on other parts of the feet like the heels and joints. A podiatrist can fit people with flat feet with custom made orthotics, which are removable shoe inserts that help to lift the arches and provide the necessary support. There are also over the counter options that offer basic support.

Side Effects of Having Flat Feet

The podiatrists at Diamond Podiatry in Bethlehem treat patients for a number of foot and ankle problems, some of which can develop from prolonged wear and tear, and the additional pressure and strain associated with flat feet. Some of the potential problems that can develop without proper arch support in the feet include:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel pain and heel spurs
  • Bunions and hammer toes

Many people with low arches are born with the condition, but factors like age, obesity or being overweight, and injuries can increase the risk.

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