Do You Need Foot Surgery?
By Diamond Podiatry
April 09, 2019
Category: Podiatry
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When your foot or ankle condition begins to affect the quality of your life, surgery may be the best option. Your podiatrists at Diamond foot surgeryPodiatry offer foot and ankle surgery in their Quakertown, Bethlehem and Macungie, PA, offices.

When is surgery needed?

Your foot doctor will recommend surgery based on your symptoms, examination and diagnostic tests. You may benefit from surgery if:

  • Pain is a constant part of your day: Surgery may be needed if pain is severe, has become chronic or doesn't improve even though you've been taking pain medications.
  • Your ability to walk is affected: Your Quakertown, Bethlehem or Macungie podiatrist may recommend surgery if you can't walk or stand easily due to a foot or ankle condition or injury.
  • Your condition has affected other parts of your body: If you've changed the way you walk due to your injury or condition, you may begin to experience pain in your hip, knee or back. Surgery will help you return to your normal gait and end your back or leg pain.
  • Other treatments haven't worked: Rest, ice, crutches, casts, walking boots, ultrasound treatment, shockwave therapy and other treatments can be very helpful if you have a foot or ankle injury or condition. Surgery is usually only recommended if more conservative treatments haven't been helpful.

When conditions can be improved with foot and ankle surgery?

Surgery can be as simple as removing part of an ingrown toenail or as complex as realigning bones and tendons during bunion surgery. Surgery can also be helpful if you have:

  • Ankle instability after a severe sprain
  • A rigid hammertoe
  • Arthritis in your foot or ankle
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • An Achilles tendon injury
  • A painful, enlarged nerve between your toes
  • A severe break in the bones of your foot or ankle
  • A birth defect that affects your ability to walk

Could foot surgery be the best option for you? Schedule an appointment with your podiatrists at Diamond Podiatry by calling (610) 865-0311 for the Quakertown office or (610) 865-0311 for the Bethlehem or Macungie offices.